McGettrick Law

Our office serves clients from the around the world who need counsel and expertise on immigrating to the United States using employment-based options. We serve employers, entrepreneurs, startups and simply individuals who have the American dream to direct and build companies in their respective industries.

We represent individuals working on the cutting edge of their fields.

We work extensively with our clients so that we understand and then communicate just how special their principal workers are and why they are needed to work in the United States.

Our office is located in Houston, Texas, the fourth largest city in the U.S. and the nation’s most ethnically diverse metropolitan area. I practice federal law, so I can represent any individual or company no matter their location or planned worksite in the United States. This makes our federal practice very diverse and spanning across numerous industries.


We represent individuals working on the cutting edge of their fields.

Embracing Technology

We use cloud-based software solutions like Microsoft 365 to communicate with our clients, as well as create, manage and share documents.

We meet and engage with all of our clients through video meetings where they can meet me and my team.

Through our use of video conferences, our global clients consistently see us, and trust in our services. Through these interactions, they quickly find that we handle their cases with high expertise and care. Through this relationship, we can meet their goals to live and work in the United States.