Our immigration legal services are valuable because we guide our clients through the U.S. permanent residence process, an endeavor that is a complicated and lengthy. Federal policies change. Administrations change. We serve our clients because we know the law and the statutes that are not subject to this change.

There are numerous classifications where people can qualify under to seek permanent residence. We guide our clients to understand their options and the often high requirements for these classifications. We provide honest assessments of the benefits and the risks involved with these immigration petitions.

Specializing in...

Helping workers seek EB-1 Extraordinary Ability classification to move them to faster visa queues that can allow the worker and their family the freedom that U.S. permanent residency grants.

Helping entrepreneurs and intrepid workers to seek EB-2 National Interest Waiver classification because their endeavors serve a national interest.

Helping employers who seek to sponsor such workers for U.S. permanent residence because those individuals are vital to their businesses. We guide them through those administrative processes, which can include recruitment and testing of the U.S. labor market.

Storytelling is paramount in this space...

We excel in telling the stories of workers and their worth to the United States as permanent residents. These stories require knowledge of the state of our nation and of the essential work that is being offered by talented foreign national workers. Creating permanent residence cases is also an art that requires knowing the current events that affect our clients’ cases to their benefit.